Makhan Lal Sangai

Mica Sheets

We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Mica Sheets. Our range of Mica Sheets includes Stove Mica Sheets, Corrugated Mica Sheets, Flexible Micanite Sheets and Lamp Shade Mica Sheets. We use superior quality Mica to manufacture our Mica Sheets. With effective packaging methods, we safely export our Mica Sheets in all parts of the world. Mica Sheets can be availed in bulk at reasonable prices.

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3pl Mica Sheets

We produce all type of fabricated mica washes pickings spacers as per specification and drawings , the mica package for to 220 is in size 13 x 18 mm with one hole without thickness 0.10 – 0.15 mm, 0.07 – 0.10 mm please provide us with you specification and drawing so that we can quote correctly makhan lal sangai are specialised


Wood Burning Mica Sheets

We produce special Transparent Stove Mica sheet for Wood burning stoves. Our sheets can be cut according to required sizes, such as 3 x 3" 3x4" 3x5" 3x6" 3x7" 4x4" 5x5" 6x6" 8x8" etc


Stove Mica Sheets

We are a known Manufacturer and Exporter of Stove Mica Sheets. We export Stove Mica Sheets or isinglass all around the world. Our mica is sourced from only the best mining areas, and graded for quality. This makes our Stove Mica Sheets as clear and uniform as a natural product.



Corrugated Mica Sheets

We are a chief Manufacturer and Exporter of Corrugated Mica Sheets. The Corrugated Mica Sheets comprise of Muscovite and Phlogopite and are manufactured by a specially designed rolling machine. The Corrugated Mica Sheets come in the form of vertically corrugated ribs. Our Corrugated Mica Sheets can withstand temperature up to


Flexible Micanite Sheets

We manufacture, export and supply top-notch quality Flexible Micanite Sheets. Our Flexible Micanite Sheets are made up of specially selected mica splittings that are binded together with special Epoxy / Silicone / Polyester glues depending on requirements or end use. These sheets are widely acclaimed for their excellent


Lamp Shade Mica Sheets

We are a credible Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Lamp Shade Mica Sheets based in Jharkhand, India. Our experts make Lamp Shade Mica Sheets from specially selected mica splittings that are binded together with special Shellac resin. These sheets can be easily hot molded by applying heat. Lamp Shade Mica Sheets are