Makhan Lal Sangai

Mica Scrap

We are one of the best Manufacturers and Exporters of Mica Scrap in India. Our Mica Scrap is known for its unique shine and color. The Mica Scrap is widely used in different production processes which involve manufacturing of mica paper and powder. These are usually obtained from automated and systematic refining processes to ensure their usage as an input for different industrial purposes.


  • Unique luster
  • Available in Phologopite, Biotite and Muscovite varieties
  • Available in various qualities of Muscovite including Ruby, white, Black spotted and Red
  • Available in different sizes : 1/6â�� & up, 1/2â��& up, 1/3â�� & up, 1â�� & up, 3/4â�� & up

Order Details

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 20 ft. container
  • Packing : Usually in 50 kg per bag


Type Mica scrap
Delivery Two Weeks from the Date of Payment Credit
Displacement 151 - 200cc
Packing Product is packed in a LDPE Eco Friendly Cover
Brand Bajaj OEM or FOGO
Colors Variety of Colors
Lead Time Two Weeks from the date of Payment credit in our Bank account
Use For Passenger